Today we are delighted to be officially launching one of our biggest #GDECK developments to date.

Our new Multi Leg has been really well received since our soft launch a little while back and it’s easy to see why.

The new leg has been designed to fit all 3 of our systems being STANDARD, DUAL and LITE and still of course will work with any legacy legs already purchased.

Multi leg allows for any combination of our v presses to be added or taken away to the upright of the leg. Using our specially designed tool adding them takes seconds but needing a tool also stops them falling out or being stolen. Also now locating inside the leg makes it even stronger so there is no difference in our systems loading capabilities.

Now Multi leg will be able to be used in a variety of ways giving more flexibility and functionality to our systems and our clients capabilities.

Whether you want the legs for a trestle, free standing or a wall to wall system, whether you want the leg butted up to the wall or a small distance away, the multi leg does it all.

Get in touch for details

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