Today we are delighted to be launching our newly developed spring-loaded toe boards. Yet another first in our sector, but such an important one as they will further enhance our safety features and can be used in any location such as house building, construction, and staging.

These will be a protective barrier installed on the edges of G-DECK whether as a trestle or platform or other raised areas to prevent objects from falling to a lower level and potentially harming someone or causing damage to property.

The original brief to the development team was to design a toe board that needed to be lightweight, robust, and brandable, and as always they delivered.

The spring-loaded catch has a plate protector over it to stop anything from falling into it, keeping the mechanism debris free. The toe boards locate in the legs or handrails via spigot locators on one side and the spring-loaded latch on the other, they click in with ease and are extremely secure.

As with everything we design and release they are super quick as you'll see in the video. They can also be branded in companies' colours and decals for the perfect branding/advertising opportunity.

With still furthermore fall prevention developments in our roadmap for 2023, we remain excited to be pioneering our sector and keeping all our systems and products sustainable, safe, affordable, and super quick.