G-DECK release NEW 10.4kg 1m deckpanel

This week saw G-DECK launch its long-awaited lighter-weight 1m deck. After trials and certification, they have added a lighter weight1m deck option to both their STANDARD and DUAL systems.

The new 1m deck panel only weighs 10.4kg so has been reduced by 3.5kg to its normal 1m deck and now gives anyone the option of having a deck panel if required which is now as light as any alternatives, however, the loading which they are known for is still an impressive 5kN (500kg) per m2 which means the decks can still be loaded and used in a variety of use cases.

G-DECK’s in-house development team has proven yet again that it can create ground-breaking advancements in its products and this is a testament to what they achieve year after year to pushits systems and products forward.

Importantly existing G-DECK customers can now choose between their normal and lighter deck panel moving forward as STANDARD and DUAL can use both simultaneously. But this also will enable any business that was interested in upgrading to G-DECK to make the switch due to the lighter deck being less manual handling on installs and dismantles.

2022 has seen yet again growth in the demand for their systems and products with still plenty of developments planned on their road map for 2023.

If you would like more information, please contact the sales team directly at office@gdecking.com or call 01162 510352.