Based in Leicester, we offer a nationwide service to help various types of tradespeople working on construction and building sites including plumbers, builders, electricians by providing the most advanced working platforms/crash deck and trestle systems.

LDS Hire & Sales Limited sell, rent and distribute their brands called G-DECK and G-DECK Lite which has grown rapidly and as a result of demand we have increased our manufacturing facilities to accommodate this.


LDS Hire & Sales Limited designs. manufactures and distributes the G-DECK system in the UK and Ireland

With over 40,000 sqft of factory we are able to work 24/7 to ensure we support you all the way and everything is delivered on time.

At LDS we offer a variety of ways that you can be using G-DECK to keep your colleagues safe on site.


If you purchase any of our G-DECK products, this is backed up with full training by one of our instructors and you will receive a competence of install and dismantling certificate. Bulk discounts are available and we also supply a desktop calculator to enable you to plan the amount of kit required for a plot.


Should you wish to rent instead, we offer a full rental of our systems. This can include for us to erect and dismantle on your behalf if need be by fully qualified installation teams, we also handle all the logistics for getting on and off site which in turn makes your work place quicker.


A little like rental, our contract offering goes a little further where we are more than prepared to manufacture tailored bespoke G-DECK items specifically for your build requirements. This could be a deck size or shape, leg height or anything else that will make your builds faster and easier.

Get in touch for details.