• 150KG per m2 loading
  • Super quick to erect
  • Unique Zinc coated decks for longevity
  • Metal inner supporting legs
  • 1.8m height for optimum working
  • Less components
  • Easy to move, store and transport


Our Lite system is the newest member to the G-DECK family. The system has been designed for companies that just need a walking platform and do not need a lot of load bearing.

Still sticking with a trademark metal platform and metal inner legs for strength, our Lite system has already been a great success in areas such as pre fabrication houses and other trades such as carpentry and electricians.

The G-Deck Lite system is a safety platform designed to meet a variety of end user needs. The system provides an integrated working platform; this can be erected at a height of 1.8m. The deck has been shown to accommodate imposed loads up to 1.5kN/ m2 or 150 Kg/ m2 which provides for a wide range of uses on site.

The deck can be erected by using no tools by a two man team at a rate of up to 100 square metres per hour. Critical components positively lock into place for maximum safety and security.

Compared to market alternatives our components are lighter, easier to move and transport and in a typical stillage can store twice the amount of components in whether they are decks or legs.

G-DECK LITE Components List

Platform Units

Part: GL1       Weight: 6kG

1000 mm x 1000 mm steel platform units used to form the working platform.

Platform Units

Part: GL2       Weight: 4kG

1000 mm x 500 mm steel platform units used to form the working platform.

Make Up Panel

Part: GD10    Weight: 5kG

950mm x 600mm Used to infill gaps within the working platform if required.

Support posts

Part: GL3       Weight: 3kG

The leg with modular tool-free connections allows for required platform height of 1.8M  to be easily achieved.